Less Liking, More Doing


We live in a world today where people “like” a sad image rather than act upon it. Volunteer rates among United States citizens have declined since 2011. More and more people however have continued to like sad images to show their support for whatever cause people are appeasing to. Crisis Relief Singapore has realized this and in 2013 they started their, “Liking isn’t helping” campaign. By posting pictures like the one above to demonstrate what it looks like when someone posts a picture of of any form of disaster or cruelty around the world. As Crisis Relief Singapore posted pictures similar to these around the internet, they also attached links to for people to go to if they wanted to volunteer. An instant like this where a share, could go a long way.


The image is quite powerful. In it there is one person tending to what appears to be a wounded child while there are twelve hands liking the cause. While it is easier to be a bystander, or a liker, that is not getting society and people in need anywhere. The one person helping is doing more than those twelve likes will ever do. And with the campaign that Crisis Relief Singapore posted, the majority of people who see it will like it. Maybe though there will be the select few that stand up and volunteer for the good of the cause. To help a kid like the on in the picture.

Like many people, I once thought that posting campaigns like these would not amount to anything. Then I reminded myself of the Ice Bucket Challenge. An act to raise awarness for ALS which went viral during the summer of 2014. The premise of it was to either to post a video of you getting ice water dumped on your head while challenging three other friends, or donate $100 to the ALS Association. While I saw the challenge explode over Facebook, I assumed that it was just people dumping water on their heads to avoid the $100 donation. One year later, 17 million participants later, 2.5 mllion donations and over $115 million raised; I quickly realized I was wrong. What seemed like an innocent thing to tag your friends in turned out to have incredible results.

Turn to the Liking isn’t helping campaign. While volunteering has declined in America since 2011, the rate of decline slowed since 2013. Between 2012 and 2013 1,898 fewer people volunteered. In 2014, 142 more people volunteered compared to 2013. So maybe the campaign has seen some results after all. With the power of social media, all it takes is one share. The ability of a share is more powerful than you think. Fifteen percent of people on Facebook have more than 500 friends. With every share, with every view of the image there is a person closer to volunteering.


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